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Papa Honk
9 March 2009

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no trespassing
2 March 2009

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cookies & milk
1 March 2009

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27 February 2009

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Bob's hands
16 February 2009

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Orchid I
10 February 2009

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Old Meets New
31 January 2009

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Snowy Lawn Chairs
27 January 2009

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Are you looking at me?
22 January 2009

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18 January 2009

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Early Morning Calm
14 January 2009

Recent Comments

Sandrine on eggs
Great shot!

Andrew on a promise of spring...
At long last the green shoots are appearing....good capture.

Ana Lúcia on hyacinth
Great job on the photo...simple and elegant.

Charles on hyacinth

Eleftheria on hyacinth
So beautiful!

peter on Hyacinth
i love these flowers and they smell so good! great shot : )

Veronica on Hyacinth
nice macro, i like photos with flowers

Sandrine on Orchid IV

Javier on tulip
Nice Macro! Beoutiful colors!

Lee on tulip
Great isolation of the subject. Good shot.

Didier on tulip
Beautiful photograph

Jen on Tulip
Beautiful composition! The shallow dof is nice too.

hajar on Tulip
so nice

Sarito on Apple
wow.. very the soft lighting!

Silverado Photography on Apple
Very elegant!

Ana Lúcia on Floating Glass
Fantastic vibrant colors.

Daniel on Floating Glass
a chihuly possibly?

Judy on Ready to Launch
Lovely capture!

dik on Ready to Launch
Nice color and composition.

Sandrine on Orchid II

Abbie on Bob's hands
I love this picture! Great way to capture the image. Getting in really close adds a whole new dimension. It reminds me ...

Sarito on Backyard hooligan
Very nice shot.. caught in the act :-).

Sarito on Tomato
Beautiful shot...!

zecarlos on Green swirl
Very nice shot, it look like propellers.

Mary on Orchid I
Beautiful orchid..lovely light.

Eleftheria on Orchid I

Abbie on Orchid I
I love images like this... precise detail and great depth of field. It's beautiful!

Mark on Watermelon
nice portrait

WABIKOJA on Watermelon
Very cute, nice shot!

Eleftheria on Butterfly or Moth?

Abbie on Butterfly or Moth?
I think a moth too... only because it seems more furry than a butterfly. Nice job.

Elora on Butterfly or Moth?
I agree with Laura, surely a moth. I love the colour contrast btw. Wonderful!

Accio on Butterfly or Moth?
Oh wow! This is awesome. You chose a correct plane and apperture settings.

LauraS on Butterfly or Moth?
Surely a moth. Fabulous shot, nice angle, and great colors, lighting.

marc on Thinking about Lunch?
now this is a cool crocodile, look a that smile, nicely done good detail...

jim on Pink III
wooow, this is stunning !! this is the quality of image that i aspire to !! you have some wonderful images in your ...

Jen on Pink III
Love the angle and the dark background. I also like the water droplets.

Mary on Pink III
Wow!! Gorgeous!! Love that soft pink color.

Elena Kotrotsou on Pink III
so beautiful composition!

Veronelle on Pink III
beautifull macro !

Kay on Pink III
Beautiful image - one that should be framed and hung on the wall for all to see.

Steve on Frozen
WOW beautiful image

Steve on Pink III
Stunning image...

Abbie on Winterberry
I absolutely love it. It's almost as if the background sparkles. So beautiful. Are the berries purple? If so, I ...

WEI RDF/ISH_ES on Winterberry
nice bokeh!!

Sandrine on Winterberry
Lovely shot! love the background!

Caroline Pickering on Winterberry
Really interesting image Kathy. Love the way the out of focus background compliments the foreground berries.

Abbie on Frozen Bud
I love photographing things when they are frozen. Doesn't nature just take on a different state in the winter? I ...

Charles on Floating Iris
Beautiful shot. Love how the background sets off the flower and the lighting. Very nice.

Marion on Welcome, come on in...
Amazing colors - so vivid, simply breath-taking! I love this shot! You are a great photographer :)

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